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One of the neat things about my job is when I get the chance to share my work with other professionals, or aspiring professionals. There are several ways this happens in a school setting. My favorite way is working with interns.

Every speech therapy graduate student has many hours of supervised practice before they strike out on their own. In the beginning they are supervised in a university clinic. As they gain skills and knowledge, they move out into the community and are supervised by speech therapists in other settings. This experience is an invaluable learning experience for the SLP student, and can also be very fun for their supervisor [me]!

When I was in school, I did my full-time internship in the Mukilteo school district working under a wonderful supervisor. She showed me many “tricks of the trade” and also shared her continuing desire to stay current in the field, help her kids, and collaborate with her colleagues. I loved it, and the experience helped me to be ready for taking my own position the following year.

This year I have had a different intern every quarter! It can be a bit more work for me at the beginning when the teaching component is more intense, but at the end of the internship it pays off! My intern is now capably handling more than half of my caseload, which means I have time to do more in-depth planning, blogging (!!!), preparing materials, and getting ready for summer.

It also gives me a chance to breath, which is nice. A caseload of 60 students is no easy feat! Having an extra set of hands is lovely at this time of year.


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Spring break!

Spring break!March 30th, 2018
spring break!

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