I am blown away that it is almost the end of the school year! Time flies! We spent this month cracking up learning about fun and funny idioms. An idiom is a saying that means something different than the words it uses. We all use them every day, and for students with language impairments or difficulty understanding figurative language, they can be hard to follow.

There are some great children’s books about idioms. For this unit, I checked out at least ten of them from my library, and then used my favorite ones to read aloud in class. They all introduce an idiom, have a funny picture showing what the idiom would look like if it were literal, and an explanation of what the idiom really means. Here are my favorites:

There are many activities available for free on TPT to target idioms. There are too many for me to list, so if you need more activities to practice at home, click the link and check them out! I also have an interactive idiom powerpoint in my TPT store, which we played as a whole class game.

And of course, YouTube is another resource to find engaging videos that teach idioms.

What idioms do you use most at home? How do you learn about idioms in your classroom?