Our January unit in room 10 was SYNONYMS – words that mean the same thing. It was a big/huge success! We had fun/enjoyed learning about synonyms this month!

Understanding synonyms is an expected language skill for students in elementary grades. Knowing multiple words for the same concept deepens a student’s vocabulary, and helps their speaking and writing to be more descriptive. If students don’t know/understand synonyms, there is a lot of language that they will miss!

Fancy Nancy is the first book in a very large/sizable series of books about a girl who likes being fancy. She uses fancy words for everything! She eats parfaits (ice cream sundaes), wears a plume (feather) in her hair, and her favorite color is fuchsia (pink). There were examples of synonyms on every page, and many chances for students to learn new words. The whole series would be great/fantastic to reinforce synonyms at home.

I found Chicken Cheeks at my local library. Oh. My. Goodness! This book is so fun, and only mildly inappropriate. 🙂 Each page features a different euphemism for “bottom” – tushy, keister, caboose, heiney, derriere… The illustrations are funny/hilarious, and the topic is engaging for almost any student. There are so many synonyms for your backside!

For more [free] activities and ideas, the TPT website has hotdog stand synonyms, cupcake love synonyms practice, synonyms pea pod freebie, and synonyms dominoes. (Those were just the first few of the 900+ results! There are many, many activities available to practice synonyms.)

Let’s not forget YouTube. There are synonyms everywhere! A classic sketch from Sesame Street:

Or a wonderful/fantastic song from Between the Lions: