Today I’m sharing some charts that I have been using for a while, but that I come back to every year. An “anchor chart” is a visual support that reminds students of the most important elements of whatever topic they are learning. I have posted anchor charts in my room for my students who stutter: one chart listing the kinds of stuttering (which we use while we practice voluntary stuttering during therapy), and another of different speech strategies they can use.

Students refer to the anchor charts to remind themselves of the different ways that they can stutter, and also when they need to pick a speech strategy to increase their fluency. After we talk about the anchor charts during therapy, students get a copy to keep in their speech folders to use at home if they wish. The anchor chart is also a way that parents can have this information at home.

Click the picture if you would like to download the anchor charts for yourself! I have also included blank pages for strategies and types of stuttering, for use during therapy sessions.