New mini-book!

Because it is December, and there is a slight chance that Seattle *might* get some snow this year, I decided to feature one of my favorite books about snow.

I have several students working on /s/-blends right now, so this was the perfect book to use! There are SN words on every page! Snow suit, snowing, snowy tree, snow tracks, snowball fight, snow angel, sled in the snow…

I made a mini-book to use for home practice, which you can download here. The pages have pictures but no words, which is intentional so that you can write in the appropriate words for each student. Directions for making a mini-book are here.

What I am writing for most of my students is this:

  1. It is snowing.
  2. Put on your snowsuit.
  3. Find snowtracks.
  4. A snowy tree.
  5. Snowball fight!
  6. Make a snow angel.
  7. Sled in the snow.