For the past few months I have been following a newer blog: The Stuttering Source, written by Brooke Leiman, MS, CCC-SLP. The blog is full of great articles addressing different aspects of stuttering etiology and treatment. My favorite articles so far have been:

1) The Blame Game
This article covers what we know about stuttering, what causes it, what doesn’t cause it, and good advice for what families can do to help their children. I highly recommend this article for anyone who has a child who stutters, or who is learning about stuttering.

2) The 411 on Voluntary Stuttering
Voluntary stuttering is a technique I use with almost ever student I see who stutters. It is a wonderful way to start desensitizing the student to their stuttering, give them control over when and how they stutter, and practice using stutter-reducing strategies. The video in the article demonstrates voluntary stuttering, and explains what it is used for.

There are many other great articles on the site as well. Check it out here!