If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know that HOME PRACTICE is one of the biggest factors which determine how quickly students progress through speech or language therapy. I work hard to provide opportunities for students to practice at home with their parents or caregivers. Sending home speech drill pages are an easy way to practice articulation, and I use CC’s language homework for a year (from TPT) for my students with language impairments.

Previous to this year, however, I had no organized way to support home practice or carryover for students working on fluency. With that in mind, I developed TOP SECRET STUTTERING MISSIONS.

There are 28 weeks of stuttering homework included, along with a parent letter for the beginning of the year, and a cover page to use on the backside of the stuttering missions. Print the cover page and target mission back-to-back, and use a tri-fold (secured with a sticker) to “seal” the mission from prying eyes. Each “mission” is some kind of home practice (“Read a book to your mom or dad, and use your favorite speech strategy”), stuttering normalization (“Stutter on purpose one time with your teacher this week”), or educational activity (“Look up one new fact about stuttering on the internet”). The missions are appropriate for 2nd-5th grades, but could be adapted for lower or higher depending on the level of the student.

There are 3 missions per month (my district uses the 3:1 model), which are identified by the clip-art in the title. Books for September, a pumpkin for October, a turkey for November, etc. However, the missions are not calendar-specific, so they could be used at any time of year, or mixed around depending on what skills were being targeted in therapy.

I will be using these missions with my 3rd and 4th grade stuttering groups this year. Let me know if you like them, or have suggestions for improvement!