To wrap up the unit on wh-questions, this week we did books and activities which feature ALL of the wh-questions mixed together. It is important to make sure that students understand each of the wh-questions separately before mixing them altogether, but once you have checked or taught each of the wh-questions, it’s time to bring on the challenge!

My theme this week was Robert Munsch books. His books were some of my favorites when I was a child, and I love sharing favorite books with my students today. Munsch books are always a hit with the students, who love the silly themes and ridiculous (but *almost* realistic) reactions of the characters.

Our first book was “Purple, Green and Yellow”, about a girl who begs for her mother to buy her markers, and ends up coloring herself all over with “super-indelible-never-come-off-til-you’re-dead-and-maybe-even-later” coloring markers. The opportunities for wh-questions are almost endless: Who was in the story? What did Brigid want from her mom? Why did Brigid color herself? Who did mom call to help? Etc.

After the story the students took a quiz of wh-questions, and did a coloring activity based on the book.

CLICK HERE for the wh-quiz and activity.

CLICK HERE to listen to Robert Munsch reading Purple, green, and yellow.

Our second book was Thomas’ Snowsuit – a silly story about a boy who does *not* want to wear a snowsuit outside. He ends up getting it on both his teacher AND his principal, and then back onto himself, before he runs out to play. Our activities and questions were very similar to the day before, so I won’t post them here, but  CLICK HERE to listen to Robert Munsch reading Thomas’ Snowsuit.

WHAT are you doing this summer?
WHERE are you going?
WHO is going with you?
WHEN are you going?
Are you excited for your plans? WHY or WHY NOT?