Brilliant idea of the day: mini-books!

I have been searching for materials to send home for summer with my younger students working on speech sounds who aren’t readers. I have lots of activities for 2nd grade and up (madlibs, reading passages, etc), but am lacking in good materials for the younger students.

Today I found 1-cut mini-books, and my problem is solved!

A 1-cut mini-book is a clever way to make an 8-page book out of a single piece of paper, with no staples or glue. The directions can be found by clicking here.

I found a few mini-books already made on the Minnesota State University website, and that gave me the idea to make my own! I used Boardmaker, and made a template for mini-books which I can use to make a quick book for any sound I need. (If you have Boardmaker, you can find my template  HERE on the website. The only tricky part to using the template is that you need to flip all pictures on the top row, in order to make them appear right-side-up in the book.)

Here is the mini-book on a single page:

Fold and cut the mini-book to look like this:

Then finish it and it looks like this:

So far I have made my own mini-books for the L sound, L-blends, and G sound. I did not put words on the pages for two reasons.

  1. I could not figure out how to make words print upside-down in Boardmaker. 😦
  2. With no words, I have the option of writing in whatever level of target the student is working on. I can make one book to target single words, phrases, or sentences. I usually write-in instructions and cues as I work with students anyway, so leaving out the words to fill in later gives me more flexibility.

I plan to make more mini-books for other sounds, and will probably make some personalized ones for my more impacted students who need to practice specific words. The part I like most about this activity is that after making and practicing the mini-book with a student at school, I can send it home to parents and they can practice it at home. It is a more friendly format than a worksheet, and the kindergarten students I have used it with so far have loved that they get to make their own books.

As I make more mini-books, I will be posting them on the Resources page. Check back later to see if there are more! (Just added an /r/ initial mini-book today!)