A few days ago I posted the 2013 summer articulation calendar. But of course, some students are working on language skills instead of speech skills. Should those students practice over the summer also?

Trick question. OF COURSE THEY SHOULD! 🙂

Summer language practice is different than summer speech practice. Working on speech sounds requires drilling the motor skills – practice, practice, practice – until your mouth can make the sounds without needing to think hard about it. Working on language skills requires more *thinking* about language.

The questions on the summer language calendar are still short, but are focused on things like increasing vocabulary (looking up words in the dictionary!), learning irregular past tense verbs (“Use the word ‘ran’ in a sentence”), thinking about categories (“Look in your fridge. Name all the vegetables you see.”) and describing. It provides a smorgasbord of language enrichment opportunities, while maintaining the “short, easy” format for busy families. The questions are appropriate for 2nd-5th grade. Younger students could still answer the majority of the questions, but would need a little more adult help.

I hope you find it useful!

CLICK HERE for the June language calendar!

CLICK HERE for the July language calendar!

CLICK HERE for the August language calendar!