Continuing our work on wh-questions, this week we finished up working on WHERE questions. WHERE questions are asking about a place. Often students will answer WHERE questions with an associated object or a person instead of with a place (eg: “Where do you keep eggs?” “Chicken!”).

I’ve previously worked on WHERE questions, so check out the other post here.

This unit I added a new book, by Eric Litwin & James Dean.

Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes – by Eric Litwin & James Dean

I had never read Pete the Cat books until a teacher friend pointed them out to me last year. This particular book is fantastic for asking WHERE questions! Pete the Cat is traveling around the school, and the book asks “Where is Pete going?” on almost every page. It is fun, and the kids love the song Pete sings throughout the book.

CLICK HERE for a Pete the Cat MAZE!

Here is the Pete the Cat song!

And here is a great video of the whole story!