I love summer! It is my favorite season, particularly in Seattle. I look forward all year to the summer break. Time to sleep in, time to read, time to bicycle, and time to relax!


Time to practice your speech sounds!

Summer practice should *not* take hours of your day. Ideally it should take 2-3 minutes, at least once per day. Short, frequent practice is the best way to make fast progress in speech!

Practicing over the summer will prevent students from losing skills over the summer. Students who practice at home often come back in the fall with huge gains, and some no longer even need speech therapy when they return. Practice is essential!

To that end, for the past few summers I have put together a summer speech practice calendar to help parents practice their student’s speech sounds over the summer. I adapted the calendar from the work of another SLP who created the list of speech activities. It is designed for students who are working on one sound, but it could also be used for students working on more than one sound by just picking one sound per month on which to focus.

The calendar has one activity per day, designed to increase awareness of the student’s speech sound, and give them brief practice using it. Younger students will need adult help to read the questions, and may need reminders to use their good sounds while they answer. Some of the activities suggested will take longer (eg: “Go swimming today. What did you see that had your sound?”). Those activities are suggestions, and should be adjusted if necessary. 🙂

CLICK HERE to download the calendar for June!

CLICK HERE to download the calendar for July!

CLICK HERE to download the calendar for August!