I have done this unit before (CLICK HERE for the post!) but of course I added some things this time around. My new books included:

Big Cat, Little Kitty

This book is a great compare/contrast book. It features “big cats” (a lion, a cheetah, a cougar, a snow leopard…) in their native environment, and contrasts them with “little kitties” who resemble them in miniature. The vocabulary is rich without being wordy, and the pictures are dramatic. It’s a very fun book, and a great way to repeatedly contrast “big” and “small”.

The Three Snow Bears

Every book by Jan Brett has wonderful illustrations, and this one is no exception. There is a big polar bear, a medium polar bear, and a small polar bear. The classic story is reinterpreted in a northern climate, which keeps it both fresh and familiar. Since “medium” is much trickier to teach than either big or small, I like to have as many books featuring it as possible. This was our last book, and possibly my favorite of this unit.

And lastly, a super-cute video: