We started with the concepts IN and OUT in the primary intensive support classroom this year.

Bronto Eats Meat, by Peter Maloney & Felicia Zekauskas

Bronto Eats Meat was our first book. A brontosaurus (cleverly named “Bronto”) accidentally eats a BOY named Billy! Having Billy IN his tummy makes him feel sick. His family takes him to the doctor, where they figure out how to get Billy OUT! After reading the book we talked about what we like IN our own tummies, and what we want to keep OUT!

CLICK HERE for the activity to accompany Bronto Eats Meat

In the Small, Small Pond

We also read this book, which describes the animals which live in or around a pond. We talked about which animals live IN the pond, and which ones live OUT of the pond. Then we created our own pond scenes. The students placed the animals either IN the pond, or OUT of it. When they were done, they got to describe their pictures using the words IN and OUT. So much fun practice!

CLICK HERE for the activity to accompany In the Small, Small Pond

Hokey Pokey

For a song, how about the HOKEY POKEY!?! Always fun, always silly. Let’s sing it together!