Today is a happy day!

WHY is it a happy day?


When you ask a ‘why’ question, you have to answer with a reason. Answers to ‘why’ questions often begin with the word “because” or “so that…” Our last unit in the primary intensive support classroom focused on answering ‘why’ questions. The kids did so well! ‘Why’ questions are the trickiest, because they are the most abstract. They are important for school, though, because how else do you figure out how things work, or the reason things happen?

We focused on several books, one of which I found for FREE on the internet!

My Father, the Dog – by Elizabeth Bluemle & Randy Cecil

I found this wonderful book in our school library. Each page details one way that the girl in the story knows that her father is really a dog. They both scratch in the morning, they both play tug of war, they both pee in the bushes… Every page gives you the opportunity to ask the same question: WHY does the girl think her dad is a dog?

After reading this book, we made comparisons between ourselves and other animals.
I am like a dog because I like running. I am like a frog because I jump! I am like a rhino because I’m sometimes grumpy.

CLICK HERE for activity. CLICK HERE for directions.

Animals should definitely not wear clothing – by Judi Barrett and Ron Barrett

I remember reading this book when I was a kid. Each page features a different animal trying to wear clothes, and showing the disastrous results!
Why should a porcupine not wear clothes?
Why should a kangaroo not wear clothes?
Why should a camel not wear clothes?

After the bookwe made a picture showing another animal, and explaining why it should not wear clothes. So fun!

CLICK HERE for directions. CLICK HERE for the activity.

Why, Monkey, Why? – by Jamie Sue Austin

This book was written and self-published by Jamie Sue Austin, who I’ve never met. Every page has Monkey doing something, and a brief explanation of what Monkey needs, and why. “Monkey needs soap. Why does Monkey need soap? Because he is washing his hands.” Each page is missing the object Monkey needs, which is printed on a separate page so that the kids can add it to the picture. I printed the pages of the book, laminated the objects, and we did it as a group activity before having a muffin party on the last day of speech. You can print it to use at home, too!

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