May I introduce you to my new best therapy game? I found this gem at a thrift store for $2.99. Internet research tells me that it is part of a game called “Crocodile Dentist”, although I have no idea how the whole game is supposed to work, since I only have the crocodile. You play with the crocodile toy by opening it’s mouth and pushing down on the teeth one at a time. Randomly, the mouth will snap shut! It is surprisingly fun to anticipate the snap!

I use this game for simple drill. Say a word 5 times, push a tooth. Say another word 5 times, push another tooth. Periodically you’ll get the payoff of the crocodile mouth snapping shut, sending everyone into fits of giggles.

Any simple game with short turns can be used in this same way.

Directions to play at home:

  1. Pick a fun game that has short turns. Connect 4, Jenga, or Hi Ho Cherry-O are great options, but almost any game can work.
  2. Print a page of target words that have your child’s sound. (You can find free pages at Mommy Speech Therapy.)
  3. Have your child say the first word 5 times, and then take a turn. If that is too easy, have her make up 2 sentences with the word before taking her turn.
  4. You say the next word 5 times, and take your turn.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 until the game is over! You just spent 10 minutes practicing speech sounds with your child. Good job!