Summer practice fun!

There are lots of ways to practice speech sounds in the summer. The articulation practice calendar is one way, but you can also play games or use the STAR warm up.

OR… you can play MADLIBS. Any paper/pencil madlibs can be adapted to practice speech sounds, or there are a variety of websites for playing madlibs. This website is my favorite.

Steps for articulation MADLIBS:

  1. chose words that include your target sound
  2. say each word 5 times (or make up 2 sentences using the word) when you’re putting it into the madlibs
  3. Once you finish the madlibs, read the story using your awesome sound!

For example (using /r/)

  • male name: Rodney
  • female name: Rachel
  • state: Rhode Island
  • animal (plural): rabbits
  • color: red
  • number: three
  • liquid: red soda
  • verb ending in -ing: raining
  • city: Rochester
  • adjective: crazy

Here is my madlib for /r/, entitled “Road Trip.”

Road Trip!

One day my Uncle Rodney and my Aunt Rhianna said they would take me and my sister Rachel on a trip to Rhode Island.

“You will love Rhode Island,” said Aunt Rhianna. “It is famous for its wild rabbits, its red flowers, and its beautiful running hills.”

“I hope you packed plenty of red apples for the ride,” said Uncle Rodney. “It will probably take us three hours.”

So we all piled into Uncle Rodney and Aunt Rhianna’s roadster. At first the trip was really runny. We sang “thirteen Bottles of red soda on the Wall.” Then we counted the roosters that we saw raining in the fields by the side of the road. But after twenty-three hours we had eaten all the red apples and Rachel was getting crazy.

“Are we almost there?” she asked ridiculous.

“Yes, Reedy,” said Aunt Rhianna.

Just then I saw a sign that said, “Rochester: 2 miles.”

“Umm, Uncle Rodney, is Rochester on the way to Rhode Island?” I asked.

“Yeah,” said Rachel, pointing, “and is Statue of Liberty on the way to Rhode Island?”

“REALLY?, kids,” laughed Uncle Rodney. “You can trust the expert.”

“One thing’s for sure,” I muttered. “I don’t think we’re in Washington any more.”