More summer practice! This summer practice calendar is for students who are working on language concepts. It’s a little different because this calendar is focused on general language enrichment, rather than a specific speech sound. But that makes it no less important!

Each day has a question or task focused on general language skills. Some examples are:

  • Comparing: How are an apple and a banana the same? How are they different?
  • Describing: Have a picnic! Think of 3 adjectives to describe your food.
  • Rhyming: What rhymes with: cat, pan, ball, sun, fast.
  • Categories: Name 5 things that are cold.
  • And more!

Practice practice practice! Put the practice calendar on your fridge, and do one thing every day. I suggest putting a sticker or smiley face on each day that you complete. You could even plan to get a special treat if you practice 5 days in a row!

CLICK HERE for the 2012 summer language calendar. You know you want to!