It is almost summer! This is where I’d like to be right now:

But we still have 3 weeks left of school in my district, in part because of snow days. *sigh*.

I’ve been getting lots of hits on my blog searching for “summer articulation calendar” or “summer speech practice”, so I am taking that as a hint that my readers would like some summer practice. YES! YOU DO! YOU WANT TO PRACTICE YOUR SPEECH AND LANGUAGE SKILLS THIS SUMMER!

I get very excited about home practice programs because seriously, that is a huge predictor of whether a student will progress in school-based speech therapy. I can work my tail off, but unless a student is practicing more than the once or twice a week that I see them, they will make very slow progress.

So. Here is my summer articulation practice calendar for 2012. (The 2012 language calendar will be coming in a few days). I made it for July and August because that is when my students are out of school. Write in your student’s sound at the top, and follow the directions for each day. Every day has something to do to reinforce your sound! And almost all of them will take 2 minutes or less!

Here are some examples from the calendar:

  • Take a walk outside. Name 5 things that have your speech sound.
  • Draw a picture of a monster. Tell your mom or dad about it using your speech sound.
  • Answer the telephone today. Remember to use your speech sound when you talk.
  • Count to 30. What numbers have your speech sound?

2 minutes of practicing per day is all it takes to make significant gains in speech sounds over the summer. Trust me!

CLICK HERE for the 2012 summer articulation calendar.