Moving right along… WHEN questions! A when question is asking about time. You can answer a when question with a specific time (3:15pm), a descriptive time (morning, lunchtime), a prepositional time (after we finish reading) or a situational time (when I’m hungry).

Today is Monday, by Eric Carle.

Everyone loves food! This book is particularly good for asking when questions because each page has a small number of words, and includes the name of the food and the day of the week. We read through the book and asked questions about which food was eaten on each day.

When did they eat string beans? On Monday! When did they eat spaghetti? On Tuesday! When did they eat soup? On Wednesday!

There is a song to go with the book (or is the book to go with the song?). It would be a great way to review the book at home!

Caps, Hats, Socks, and Mittens, by Louise Borden and Lillian Hoban.

Caps, Hats, Socks, and Mittens

This book focuses on the seasons, which is an easy way to talk about time. We started by reviewing each of the seasons, and then while reading through the book I asked questions about the activities or objects that were in the pictures.

When do the leaves fall of the trees? When do we celebrate Halloween? When does it get cold? When do you make snowballs? When do flowers bloom? When do we celebrate the 4th of July?

In small groups we practiced by making seasons posters. I glued pictures of the seasons in the four corners of a large piece of paper, and the students each got a set of small pictures showing different objects or activities. They colored their pictures, and then sorted and glued them near the appropriate season.

CLICK HERE for the poster activity.

I also found a BINGO game on in the materials exchange. It’s the same as the ‘where’ Bingo game, but with ‘when’ questions instead. Fun!

CLICK HERE for the Bingo boards. CLICK HERE for the Bingo cards.

The last part of the WHEN unit we haven’t even done yet! I made an interactive quiz to get some data on how much my students have learned in our WHEN unit. For the speech therapists who have Boardmaker Plus, you can find my when quiz HERE on

When will it be summer break? SOON!