The past several weeks have been a long and well-earned break for both students and teachers in my district. Over the break I got married, and spent 8 wonderful days in Puerto Rico. The average temperature was 81 degrees, and sunny, the whole time. The few times it did rain it was WARM rain, and cleared up quickly. It was lovely.

Today is my first day back. What a shock! Back to the grind… Although I did have several nice surprises today. I often send speech homework with students so that they can practice their skills at home. Without home practice, students progress very. slowly. (if. at. all.) Several students told me that they had practiced their speech during the break! The best part was that I could tell which students practiced, because they were the ones who had made noticeable gains over the break. It really makes a difference!

I make very few NYR as a rule (new year’s resolutions), since in general I always have a goal or two that I am focusing on, and it seems silly to make more just so that I can break them later. The goals I am already working on, which I plan to continue, are:

  • Learn to use Boardmaker Plus: I’ve organized a Boardmaker group with other SLPs in my school district, and we are meeting once a month to provide support to each other as we explore this program. Things are going well on this goal!
  • Establish better communication with parents of my students: I have been focusing on my personal best forms of communication this year – blogging and emailing. So far I’ve hunted down emails for many of my student’s parents, and have gotten in the habit of emailing them after sessions to let them know about speech practice, and checking in at least every other week. And if you’re reading this post, the other form of communication – blogging – is working!

Happy New Year!