This month we worked on the concept words TOP, MIDDLE, and BOTTOM in the intensive support classroom I serve. Books! Books! and a few songs as well. This is what we did:

Caps for Sale

We started with the book “Caps for Sale.” It is a classic children’s book about a peddler who sells caps, and carries them on TOP of his head. He has his checked cap on the BOTTOM, the grey caps in the MIDDLE, and the red caps on TOP. We did a craft activity where the kids colored and cut out hats and glued them on a picture of a peddler, and then described to each other and their teacher which caps were on the TOP, MIDDLE, and BOTTOM.

The Napping House is another fabulous book. There is a napping house, with a napping bed, and a snoring granny in the bed, with a sleeping child on TOP of her, and a dozing dog on TOP of him… you get the idea. Many questions about who was on TOP, who was on the BOTTOM (the kids liked this question, because it was always the granny!), and who was in the MIDDLE. And of course, a coloring project where they got to create their own napping bed, and decide who was on the BOTTOM, TOP, and in the MIDDLE.

Animals: A mix-and-match book

My favorite book we used didn’t even have any words! Animals: A mix-and-match book is a flip book with 3 sections, and had the students chose whether I should turn the TOP of the page, the MIDDLE of the page, or the BOTTOM of the page. In order to turn the page, they had to say the word! And it makes such funny pictures!

We also used some songs in our unit. Head and shoulders, knees and toes is a perfect song to use to talk about what is at the TOP of your body (head, eyes, ears, mouth, nose), what is in the MIDDLE of your body (tummy, belly button, knees), and what is at the BOTTOM of your body (feet, toes, ankles).

Other books I used include The Dark at the Top of the Stairs, The Hole in the Middle, and Tops and Bottoms.