Coming in closely behind referrals for the ‘th’ sound (see my last video) are referrals for students who have a mild frontal lisp. A frontal lisp occurs when the /s/ sound is produced like the ‘th’ sound, with the tongue “peeking out” between the teeth instead of staying behind the teeth.

A frontal lisp is a common, developmental occurrence. It is NORMAL for many children to have this kind of lisp through second or third grade. Occasionally a student will need speech therapy for this kind of lisp, but most often kids grow out of it. It usually doesn’t interfere with a child being understood, and like I said, many times kids will develop a clear /s/ as they mature.

A frontal lisp is also something that parents or teachers could work on at home or in class.

In this video I describe three different strategies for working on a lisped /s/. If you are wanting to work on this sound with your child, check out this blog post first, which has a wonderful explanation of the steps of speech therapy. Then print out a page of /s/ words (you can use mine, or there are more of them at Mommy Speech Therapy) and then watch  my lovely video.