This week I finished a unit on concept words with the students in a primary intensive support classroom. We often focus on “concept words” in speech therapy, both as a way to improve their language skills, and also help with academic concepts they are learning. This month we learned about the words “same” and “different.”

Being the bookie I am, I scoured the library for books to support my lessons. I found quite a few! All of these were available at the public library (mind you, I have library cards for 3 regional library systems, plus my school library, so it is rare when I cannot find a book.)

Each speech session we began with an introduction to the concepts, then would read the book together. After the book we split into small groups of two or three students with the teacher, a para-educator, or myself and did an activity which related to the book and reinforced the concepts of “same” and/or “different.” These books would also be a great aid for parents who want to work with their kids at home on same/different.

Two Eggs, Please
By Sarah Weeks & Betsy Lewin

This is an adorable book, showing with simplicity and humor how things can be the same, and yet different. A line of animals come in to a diner, all ordering the same thing: “Two eggs, please.” However, they all want their eggs cooked a DIFFERENT way! The pictures are great, and having only a few words on each page is a nice way to highlight the concepts. We played Egg Bingo after reading this book, with Bingo boards covered in pictures of different kinds of eggs. Fun!

My Nose, Your Nose
By Melanie Walsh

A book about how people look different, but all have things in common. “Your nose turns up, mine turns down. But we both like the smell of cake!” The kids made a list of ways that they are different than other kids in the room, and ways that they are the same.

Knuffle Bunny Too
By Mo Willems

Mo Willems is my new favorite children’s author (right behind Robert Munsch)! In the story “Knuffle Bunny Too” a little girl goes to preschool for the first time. She brings her one-of-a-kind “knuffle bunny” for show and tell. But there is another girl at preschool with THE SAME BUNNY! DISASTER! (And btw – the artwork is amazing.)

It’s Okay to Be Different
By Todd Parr

Another wonderful book about being different, with colorful, offbeat illustrations. The repeated words make it easy for children to follow (every page starts with “It’s okay to…”), and some of the illustrations are downright funny. (Yes, it IS okay to eat macaroni and cheese in the bathtub!). AAAAAND… the book also comes in SPANISH!

I’ll end with some classic Sesame Street. One of these things is different! Can you tell me which ones are the SAME, and which one is DIFFERENT?