Whew! It has been a very busy summer for me. I had a family wedding, spent two weeks volunteering at a summer camp, and went on several hiking/backpacking trips. Each summer I am amazed by how much I need the break by the end of the school year, and this year was no exception. Summer was needed, and well-used.

But of course all good things must come to an end. I’m back in the office for a few days, and school begins on Wednesday. I am excited! I’ve been going to district trainings, getting new ideas from the other SLPs in my district, and searching for/organizing new materials to try for this year.

My two top goals for this year (relating to materials) are:

  1. Learn to use my new Boardmaker Plus software.
    I can make interactive activities, which should be a dynamic combo with the new touchscreens in one of the intensive support classrooms I serve. I’ve also started making personalized homework worksheets for articulation students, to enable more focused practice at home. I hope to expand these applications this year. (THANK YOU Edmonds Elementary PTA for getting me the Boardmaker!)
  2. Glean materials and terminology from the district literacy curriculum (Benchmark) in order to integrate that material into my language therapy program for students in the gen-ed setting.
    This is a goal for many of the SLPs in the district, so we will be collaborating throughout the year on different ways to do this. I went to a training on Wednesday which gave me some good ideas… now I need to implement them! My biggest challenge with this goal is that only the gen-ed teachers have the curriculum materials, so I have to scrounge and beg them to let me borrow the books, make photocopies when I can, and make educated guesses about what I think the teachers may have been told. It’s tricky, but with budget constraints the way they are, I understand why the district can’t afford to buy an extra copy for me. I started integrating some of the materials last year, and hope to use even more of them this year.

This year already feels like it will be a good one. Huzzah!