Games can be used to work on speech sounds (see here) but they can also be used for many language goals. The game “Apples to Apples Kids” is a good example.

Apples to Apples Kids

If you’re not familiar, the game is played with one player acting as “judge” and flipping a green [adjective] card. The other players chose one of the red [noun] cards in their hand which they think fits best with the green card, and puts it face-down on the table. The judge then chooses the red card they like the best, and the player who played it gets a point. The judge position rotates every round, so everyone gets a turn.

For example:  Ginger is the first judge. She flips a green card that says “fuzzy.” Ms. Petersen, Sandra, and Billy all play red cards with the words “my room”, “my dog”, and “my mom.” Ginger chooses “my dog” as the best answer, and Sandra (who played that card) gets a point.


For example, I can work on ‘why’ questions by having the judge explain why she/he chose the winning card, or have the other players explain why they played each of their cards to try to convince the judge to chose their card.

I could work on naming things within a category by having the players come up with things that are fuzzy before they play their cards.

We can also work on turn-taking and being good sports (not language skills, but still SO important) while we are playing the game.

All this, and we have fun too!