Language is all around us, every day. When kids can’t use language or speech in ways that work, it can be very frustrating. That is not fun.

When I work with kids on their language or speech, sometimes we have to drill sounds or grammar over and over to help them form new habits. That is not fun.

But speech therapy is supposed to be fun, right?

🙂 🙂 YES! 🙂 🙂

The question is: How do we make it fun?

Playing games is one way to make speech therapy fun. There are hundreds of games which can be adapted into speech/language vehicles. Suddenly dreadful drill turns into energizing (and educational!) entertainment!

Games are a fantastic way for parents to work on language or speech skills at home in a non-threatening way.

Here’s an example for a child working on the ‘R’ sound:

You  need:

  • CandyLand
  • a page of words that start with ‘R’ (for example, this one here!)

What to do:

  1. Play the game with your child.
  2. On their turn, the child picks one of the words and says it 3 times with their awesome R sound.
  3. On your turn, you pick a word and say it 3 times. Sometimes do it correctly, and sometimes do it “the old way” by imitating the child’s error. Let them try to catch you “messing up”!
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until one of you makes it to the Candy Castle!

There you go! You just spent 20 minutes practicing speech with your child AND having fun!

For more worksheets of words with specific sounds, CLICK HERE to be taken to the mommy speech therapy worksheet page.