Start by downloading this page – a star with vowel sounds on the points.

Star exercise

This is a quick and easy exercise to help students practice their speech sounds with different vowels, and at the beginning and end of syllables. It works to practice any sound!

  1. Write the “target sound” in the middle of the star. Put your finger on the target sound and slide out to the vowel sound at the point of the star. Say the sounds as you touch them.
    • For R: “ree, ray, rye, row, roo”
    • For S: “see, say, sigh, sew, sue”
    • Etc. You can do this with any sound.
  2. The second step for more advanced students is to start on the points of the star and slide into the center. Say the sounds as you touch them.
    • For R: “ear, air, ire, or, oor”
    • For S: “eese, ace, ice, ohs, oos”
    • Etc.

This exercise is a great “fridge practice” or “car practice”. Put the star on your fridge or in your car, and practice every time you see it. Do it every day!