No, not May 21st (the end of the world), but June 24th! The end of the school year!

The rhythm of a school-based SLP is determined primarily by the school year. Beginning of year, mid-year, winter break, spring break, end of year, summer. Rinse and repeat. Each season has it’s own peculiarities, complications, and joys.

It’s not hard to see the joy in this season. 🙂

Yesterday I met with a 6th grade student and his parents and teacher to discuss his progress. He has met his speech goals, and is graduating from speech therapy! Such a party. My favorite part of being a school-based SLP is seeing students achieve their goals and move on without me.

The end of the year is also a time for classroom parties, field trips, special concerts, and fun. I love it! Attending classroom events is one way I work to stay connected with my students and their teachers, and help them see that they can use their speech skills ALL THE TIME, not just in my office. 🙂

Then, there is this week. This is my last week of pull-out speech therapy. I will still be working through the end of the school year, but will be doing observations, wrapping up paperwork, putting together summer practice packets, packing up my offices… but no kids. This is my last week to see kids.

I’m happy, but also a bit sad.

My 6th graders will be in middle school next year, all grown up. They will have new speech/language teachers. Some of them will have graduated from speech completely.

Some of my other kids will move over the summer. It happens a lot. When I come back next fall, some of my students will be gone without even a chance to say goodbye.

Many other students will be back next year, a little older, a little further along. Practicing speech skills at home over the summer makes a HUGE difference for kids. I’ll be sending home practice ideas to their parents next week (stay tuned for a post about it next week!).